New Biz Sniper???

Oh, dear. That's a pretty wanky thing to call oneself.

Especially coming from a guy who was never particularly fond of new business – tending, as it does, to land rudely on top of ‘old’ business.

But then I came to realize something.

(WARNING: Shameless self-promotion ahead)

I'm actually pretty good at winning it.

In my five years at BBDO, I was the lead creative on and won every new business pitch on which I worked.

And in these past five years, I've again won every new business pitch, including Target for MDC Partners, Scotiabank International for Grey, and several others that NDAs suggest I keep my yap shut about.

I’m available to travel and work anywhere in the US or Canada (dual citizen) and have done everything from contributing a few concepts to leading the creative aspect of the pitch and presenting the concepts. I can even work remotely if that suits.

Of course, I don’t accept every gig that comes along.

A 100% win record is something that any self-respecting new biz sniper would guard jealously.

Besides, 20+ years in adland teaches one a thing or two about which new biz opps are fair chances and which promise an exercise in expensive futility.

Sound intriguing? Contact me. Sound stupid? Contact me anyway.

And since you’re already here (instead of attending to your own ‘old’ business), you can explore my entire site or just check out these small samples of my work, my thinking, and my background.

I also sell model trains. Really.


copywriter / executive creative director / web baron / new biz sniper